Adrenaline Rush

So we’re halfway through the week, and 4 days out from the race. My mind is driving me absolutely craadrenalineIMG_7863zy! The fact that the race is so close has finally hit me, and my emotions are quite overwhelming. My adrenaline is pumping, and I’m filled with both excitement and nervousness. The faster the race approaches, the stronger these feelings get.

This week has been easy in terms of my running. This last week is basically preparing me for race day by decreasing my weekly mileage and making sure I’m well rested and refreshed for the big day. Friday night I plan to start packing so before I head down to the hotel on Saturday (so I don’t forget anything and freak out) Also gotta get my nails/toenails done as well (the most important part haha) Maybe I’ll get in the Rutgers spirit and paint them red. Also I plan to get a nice shiatsu massage, courtesy of my Homedics shiatsu pillow. Gotta love those things. And believe me, it feels amazing. Great way to get out all of those pre-race tension and knots.

After the half marathon is over, I look forward to many things. I plan to run as many 5k races as possible (my new goal is to PR with a sub 30 5k) Also, there’s a fun run that I’m participating in May with a friend of mine. It’s called the Night Nation Run, and it’s more or less a party than a race. The event includes music throughout the course, DJ’s drinks, & dancing.  I’ve never heard of a run like this before, but I am totally excited! Gonna be a great way to unwind from the half marathon plus have a good time with friends. Also, my birthday is coming up in less than two months and I have some awesome plans in the run_w_night_nationmaking for that. I’m so ready for this summer!  Come late June/early July, I begin my training for the Philadelphia Marathon.

Glad to have a day off from work today. I’m off to clean the house. Getting my Beastie Boys on this morning, I’ll be jamming to them while I tidy up my place.

I’ll check in once more before the race on Sunday. Have a great day folks!

-Caitlin <3



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