Snowy Running and a Trip to Elk Mountain

We are now well into the second week of the new year, and I hope everything is going well for all of you. I know that many of you runners are starting to prepare for spring training, whether it be for a half or full marathon. May everything kick off to a great start!

Over the weekend we got a little bit of snow (like 3-4 inches) but that didn’t stop many of us from getting out there for our long runs. My goal was to just run 11 miles, but I felt ok and bumped it up to 13. I kept a pretty decent pace, which I was happy about (9’04”) With my next half marathon a little over a week and a half away, it’s good to know I still feel good during my long runs. My official spring half marathon training will begin after the F.L Half, so since the Philly Marathon I’ve just been trying to maintain my fitness. This past weekend’s long run is the longest distance I’ve run since Philly, and I’m happy to report that I experienced no DOMS Sunday morning. My plan is to head into NYC this weekend to pick up my race packet so I can avoid the stress on race morning (running is the easy part, getting there and getting my stuff is the most stressful)

Sunday I made a trip up to Elk Mountain in PA to ski, and it was COLD. Now I’ve skied out west when it was below zero, but out there it is so much different. You don’t feel it in the west the way you do here (humidity makes a difference). When I left my house, it was 8 degrees. By the time I made it to the mountain, the temperature dropped to 6. If you have never skied before, 32 degrees is cold, but compared to 8 it is tolerable.

The mountain itself was very nice. I never been to Elk before, and it wasn’t overcrowded like Camelback or Shawnee.(Camelback I do like) This was one of those “locals” mountains that was very low key. The trails were in great condition, and it was one of those days where it was a constant “lift up, ski down, lift up again”(nice flow) Of course, we had to stop at the lodge once or twice to warm up with hot chocolate and regain feeling in our fingers, but it was a fantastic day. Only skied half a day because of the weather so we called it at 12:30 (because our lift tickets said so) Came home, ate tacos and turned off the Giants game because I knew I was about to witness them lose.


How many miles have you logged this week?

Have you gone skiing yet this year? Where?

Opinions on cold weather running?


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