Back in the New York Grove

New York City, see you again in November!

Congratulations to everyone who got accepted in the NYC Marathon through the drawing! Looking forward to another great race this year! 8 more months to go.

Yep. Mom’s running the marathon.

This year, I have a running buddy through the 5 boroughs; You see, my mom decided a month ago to just randomly throw her name into the lottery. I was shocked to even hear that, but nonetheless kept my fingers crossed. The reason she gave for doing so was that it would “Motivate her to run more” Okay, good enough for me. I mean, she has ran a good number of 5k’s, and is registered for the 8k at Rutgers next month (while I run the half) So she does run, but not all the time. The night before the drawing, I had a dream that she got in, and we all celebrated. The day of the actual drawing,   this happened —————————————————————————————————————>


Yep. SHE. GOT. IN.

So now I get to run the 5 boroughs with my mother this year, and I couldn’t be happier. I love the NYC Marathon, and now I get to run it with my mama! This will be her first marathon, so I am thrilled to be able to train with her. I have always trained by myself so I’m used to it, but I think there is more of a benefit from training with someone. You can motivate one another and make sure the other stays on track. I would absolutely love to run a sub 5 hour marathon this year, so I’m hoping to push myself even more now that I have that experience under my belt. So here’s to having a training partner this year, My MOM! (#marathonmom)


Chilly 5k in Fairlawn

My sister and I- She won third place in our age group! Her medal pictured top right; Bottom right; My post race Halo Top treat
They caught me with my eyes closed; 5k in Fairlawn

This morning, my sister and I ran a 5k in Fairlawn, and boy was it COLD. I’m talking it was like 15 degrees when we got there. It was a fairly low key race (approx. 120 runners for 5k, the rest 1 mile walkers) and there wasn’t too much going on as far as amenities but overall it was a chill race (pun intended). Pretty flat for the most part, and a tad windy which made it even more frigid (I was having flashbacks to the Philadelphia Marathon) I got to use my new running shoes (still using the Asics Gel Contend 3, just different colors) This is my third pair of Asics, and I’ve grown so comfortable with them, I’m hesitant in switching. Perhaps before I start marathon training, I will browse other brands but for now I’m content with my Asics.

My sister finished slightly ahead of me, and I finished 2 minutes later with a time of 32:33. Not my best 5k, but I blame the elements. Will do much better next time. I am however extremely proud of my sis, as she took 3rd place in our age group! She is not really a regular runner whatsoever and she did great! Looking forward to the next 5k.



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