Announcement & Training Update!

Happy first day of Spring! It arrived literally 2 minutes ago as I’m typing this. Cheers to great weather and spring races!


NYC Half

I woke up pretty early yesterday just to watch the broadcast of the NYC Half Marathon. I am so glad that the weather held up for everyone to have a great race. Congrats to all finishers and to Molly Huddle on her third consecutive NYC Half win! Hopefully next year I can join the race as well.


Writing My First Book

I’m working on a few new projects, some are still just ideas yet but one is in progress. I am writing my very first book! I’ve written a few chapters already so far, but it will take some time to finish the whole thing (between writing, editing, and publishing) I am thrilled to announce that so stay tuned! I also may give sneek peaks on here just for creative feedback. The one thing I haven’t decided is if I should go strictly e-book, or do both hardcover & e-book. This is all new to me so I have a lot to still learn yet, but if anyone has any advice to offer please feel free to comment or message me. Any help is appreciated. And thank you ahead of time!


Half Marathon Training Update

I ran my final longest long run run in training (yay!) so now it’s time to taper. Race day is just under 3 weeks now so it’s time to fine tune, recover and prepare. And lots of foam rolling.


This post will be super short today, I wanted to give you guys a quick update before I head in to work. Have a wonderful Monday, and get out there and log some miles!




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