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Half Marathon season is upon us now! Since the arrival of spring, races are starting up again and my first spring one is just under 2 weeks away. My bib came in the mail the other day, which means now it’s officially around the corner. I’m getting pumped! It’s still hard to believe I ran this race a year ago. Since then I have become a stronger and more experienced runner, and it’s nice to return to the race where it all started. My goal this year is to hopefully not have to stop at the porta potty at mile 2 (last year it cost me a good ten minutes just waiting in line). This year, I’m looking to redeem myself after the Fred Lebow half, as well as earn a new half marathon PR. Marathon training is only months away, so time to have fun and work hard running my spring races then in June, the work begins all over again.



You know what else came in the mail today? My official NYRR membership card! (See Right)


Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon

The Philadelphia Love Run half was held this past Sunday, and it attracted thousands of runners. On ABC news Monday morning, there was a video showing a female runner who looked like she had hit the wall. She was seen struggling to walk, let alone run. In the video, you see three runners rush to her assisting her near the finish line. I have to say from experience, the running community is one of the most extraordinary group of people I have ever seen and met. We encourage one another, and help each other to the finish whether it be shouting motivating words of wisdom, or just holding your hand and literally running with you to the finish. If you have seen this video, you will see just how amazing these people are for helping the woman. She was clearly collapsing, but these guys were not about to let their fellow runner fall short of the end. Congratulations to all Philly Love Run finishers and to the three guys who helped their fellow runner, you guys are phenomenal!

You can read the story at the link below




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