River Edge 5k Brief Recap

Remember back when we were all in school how hard we would study for a test, and then when the day of the test arrives you feel like you draw a blank? Yeah, sometimes that happens in running too.

River Edge 5k

I ran a 5k in River Edge last Saturday, tons of people, and nice typical neighborhood course. It was overcast, rainy and humid, but I’ve run in worse conditions so this was nothing. The night before the race I was listening to an Episode of Run Selfie Repeat’s podcast (which I highly recommend) where Kelly discussed the subject of “How bad do you want it?” Kelly, the creator of the podcast and blog “Run Selfie Repeat” ran in the London Marathon this past Sunday, attempting her second BQ(Boston Qualifying Attempt). After I listened to her podcast, I felt extremely motivated to try and finally run a sub 30 min 5k, which I’ve done so many times in training, and easily. On the day of the 5k, I ran my first mile in 9 thirty something, then kept a good steady pace until about mile 1 1/2 where I had to stop for water. The humidity was stifling. I was disappointed and angry with myself that I even stopped. The rest of the race was not fun.

I ran across that finish line with a time of 32:39. I was frustrated because I know that I am 100 percent capable of running a sub 30 min 5k, and there was truly no excuse why I could not simply pull it off on race day. Sure it was a hilly course, and I hate the humidity but still. I expect better from myself, especially after working so hard. At the end of the day though, it happens. And it happens to all runners. During Kelly Roberts’s BQ attempt in London, she came up slightly short as well, and it’s heartbreaking to watch someone accept that they didn’t accomplish what they set out to do. We have to accept that on race day, some things happen that is out of our control. It freaking sucks, but it happens. One great thing about runners is we all have faith in each other no matter what. I have no doubt that one day she will earn her BQ. She is not only a strong runner, but an amazing inspiration and if you haven’t heard her podcast yet, check it out.

Rock the River Half Marathon

A week from today I return to Ross Dock to conquer the cliffs of the Palisades, running 13.1 miles from Ft. Lee to Alpine and back (it’s an out and back course) Last year, it rained but so far the weather looks promising. Overcast, if anything. This race gets me a little nervous because during the first mile (more like .3 in) the is a HUGE hill that runners must ascend. Right smack dab in the beginning of the race (as if we are all warmed up) I pushed through it last year, but I did see people actually walk it up until the got onto the main course. For the rest of the course it does remain quite hilly, but it’s not too bad. Last year it rained but I have been keeping an eye on the weather and so far so good. As long as the weather holds, it will be a fun race.

I got an e-mail this morning from NYRR about how the NYC Marathon is just over 6 months away. WHAT?! How and when did this happen? That means I begin marathon training in just under 2 months. Didn’t marathon training just end? And damn, my birthday is coming soon. Slow down world. After the Palisades race next week, I plan to just run a bunch of 5k’s while maintaining my running fitness until marathon training begins. I already have my base built, so getting back into it will be a breeze.

Good luck to the ladies running the Shape Half in Central Park this morning!




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