NYC Marathon Race Week



It has been a while since I’ve posted on here, my last post discussed my last half marathon from May (Rock the River). Since then, I have had no races to report. I began training for the NYC Marathon in the beginning of August, and now here we are right in the middle of race week. Unbelievable.


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Summer seemed to go by too quickly once again this year. Between work and training, at least I found some time to spend down at the beach. I did not run the Chicago Marathon earlier this month, instead I deferred my entry to the 2018 race. I can’t say right now whether or not I will be running it next year, we shall see. Also, I just released my first book! It’s called Expedition Twenty-Six Point Two, My Trek to the Finish Line. It describes my journey as a runner from when I first got into it, up to running my first marathon. It was a work in progress since earlier this year, and I’m proud to finally get it out there. Go check it out on Amazon!



NYC Marathon Race Week

Download the TCS NYC Marathon app and track me on race day!

This is a very exciting week in the running world. With the NYC Marathon this Sunday, all runners participating are finalizing their last-minute race itineraries. For me, It’s fuel belt prep, stretching, carb loading, and sheer excitement. One of the runners described marathon week like Christmastime. In NYC, the week is filled with activities surrounding NYRR. The NYC Marathon pavilion opened this past Sunday. There, runners can check out cool merchandise, enjoy food and drinks, and participate in athlete workshops where you can gain knowledge about the course, as well as listen to strategies. The expo at the Jacob Javits Center, opens Friday. There, we are handed our race bib along with some goodies. It is at that point where it will all hit me. It’s only Wednesday, but little by little, it’s hitting me.


If anyone wishes to track me again this year, download the TCS NYC Marathon app and put my name (or Bib number) Enable notifications so you can follow my time splits. And just so everyone knows ahead of time, PREDICTED FINISH TIME WILL CHANGE!! Last year, I had friends and family telling me that at one point, my predicted finish time was 10PM. This was due to the fact that your timing is adjusted whenever you stop, so  every time I stopped to use a porta potty, people pressed the panic button. Guys, no worries. I will not be finishing at 10pm. (Be sure to enable notifications) Oh, and be sure to follow me during race week on Instagram (especially race day, I will go live from time to time). Now that this is my second race, I am more comfortable and familiar with the NYC Marathon race procedure, so now I can relax and really enjoy the day a little more this year.

I am in wave 4 again this year, so I will be running around 11AM. My plan is to arrive in Staten Island via the Meadowlands bus again, around 7am or so. There, Ill drink coffee and enjoy a bagel while stretching and warming up. Four hours is a long time before you have to run, but last year it seemed to go by so quickly. My only hope is that the weather holds! As far as I know so far, they are calling for clouds and a chance of rain. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!


I am looking forward to sharing race day with all of you! See you all at the finish line!











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