Tenafly Lost Brook Trail Race

I’m Back.

I know I haven’t posted on here in a while, but it’s time to get back into the groove. Since the 2017 Central Park Ultra, I haven’t run any races until now. Three weeks ago, I ran my first trail run.

The race took place at the Tenafly Nature Center, in Tenafly, NJ. You either had a choice of doing only five miles, or loop twice for the ten. My sister and I ran the five miler. Race day was slightly humid and overcast. We arrived a half hour before the race and got our bibs. Each bib was unique as there was a quote marked on each one. My quote was from Back to the Future.

“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.”

As the race began, we set off into the woods. The trail was narrow so it was difficult to pass runners ahead of us. I was glad I invested in a pair of trail shoes, as they helped grip the unsteady terrain. Being that this was my first trail run, I ran with caution, trying not to trip and fall. Twice I rolled my ankle, but thankfully it did not result in injury. There were times we had to hop from rock to rock, and over streams. Trail markers were paper plates attached to trees at every approximate mile.

Trail Markers

Somewhere around mile three there was a small aid station, manned by one person handing out Gatorade and water. It sat slightly outside of the woods near the road. After taking some fluids, we headed back into the woods and continued running. There were times I got distracted by talking to my sister, that I had slighted wondered off trail, but quickly found my way back on (trails were marked by pink tape tied onto trees.) Near the end of the race, we noted the turkeys running around in the woods, and hoped they wouldn’t chase us. Shortly after, we crossed the finish line.

My first trail run was definitely fun, and a different experience than a regular road race. There’s something about running through nature that is so peaceful and it’s almost like a form of meditation. I look forward to doing more runs like this but in the meantime, I’m hoping to fill up this year with a number of races including 5k’s, halfs, and at least one marathon.


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