Peak Week/Norwood 5k

After a humid and very hot not so long summer (seems to go faster every year) the great dreaded peak week of marathon training has arrived. Holy s&$t.

Hard to believe this, to be honest. It seems like when you begin week one of training, race day is eons away, then suddenly you’re less than a month from the starting line. It has been two years since my last marathon (this year will be my 4th) but my training has gone well, and I feel more ready than ever. Accompany that with an amazing cheer/support team, and there’s no stopping this one. My main focus this month, along with the last couple of long runs, is recovery. Yesterday, I ran a local 5k in the morning, and after I came home I got right back out there for another 15 miles. A grand total of 18.1 miles to complete my long run. My recovery routine includes an ice bath, stretching, foam rolling and sleep. (Ok, and pizza, because who doesn’t like pizza after a long run? Ask any runner.) This upcoming week is peak week, the highest mileage week of training. Next Saturday, I will run 20 miles. Overall, my body is feeling strong despite mild soreness from yesterday, but I’m ready to face the peak beast.

Norwood 5k

I’ve run most local races around my neighborhood, but yesterday’s 5k was a first. I debated running a 5k on my long run day, but I just couldn’t pass it up. The Norwood 5k (like most races) was advertised as fast and flat, and is in fact printed nicely on the race bib (see above). Usually, most races that say this end up having a few secret hills that like to surprise you out of nowhere but I have to say, this one was pretty accurate. With the exception of an ever so slight hill, it was mostly flat. Couldn’t have asked for better race weather either, with a beautiful 45 degree start (ideal race temp) and clear skies. Felt great running, but I took it a little easy because if I pushed too hard during the race, my long run would have been a bust. Also, I didn’t want a repeat of my last race when my calf seized up half a mile in.

Next weekend, I’m registering for another local 5k, perhaps I’ll try and even get another in after that before the marathon. My emotions are beginning to run pretty high the closer to NYC I come. Tomorrow, our marathon confirmation forms come out, as well as an update in the TCS NYC Marathon app. For those who are interested in tracking me during the race, stayed tuned, as I will provide all of the info you need for November 3rd. In the meantime, bear with me as I try to contain my anticipation (yeah right) It’s October, and I am going to soak up as much of this excitement as I can, every single day. After all, it’s NYC baby. 27 days to go!


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